Short Term Missions redesign

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Visual refresh has been serving Christians looking for mission trips for over ten years, and the existing design was looking dated. The ministry wanted a modern visual refresh that would be more attractive to lookers, and also accomplish their goals more effectively.

Analysis and testing

I began the design with several major assumptions. While I began working on the concepts, we also started some A/B testing with Optimizely. This allowed us to prove several assumptions as correct, increasing the effectiveness at connecting visitors to mission agencies by 75% overall!

Optimizely test
Optimizely Test: One of the results of our test.

Mobile friendly

Mobile browsing is increasingly important these days. My design adapts to various screen sizes using Responsive techniques.

Responsive Design
Responsive Design: Adapting to various screen sizes.

Results of relaunch

In the first month after launching the new website design, the STM team reported exciting results:

"In all cases stats are considerably better than the past.
We are seeing 80-84% engagement vs. 75% old site,
60-71% view search results vs 54% old site,
50-60% view a trip vs 44% old site,
8-9% inquire vs 5% old site.

"In Google Analytics we are seeing a drop in bounce rate from 50% to 45%, an increase in pages per visit from 5 to 6, and an increase in time on site from 3.5 minutes to 4.5 minutes."

They officially reported a 35% increase in mobile users' time on site, and the overall success rate of connecting people to a mission trip nearly doubled! Their agency partners have also expressed enthusiasm for the new look of the website.

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